Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dropped One Card

For this lab, CJ and I experimented with trust in our community.
We inconspicuously dropped one of our one cards on the floor, and
video taped the responses of our fellow schoolmates. As you watch,
you see a girl pick up the one card, and turn it in to the front desk.
We were amazed at how fast responses came to the lost card. It
only took a little over a minute for the girl to pick it up, and on our
first attempt, someone picked up the one card so fast that we didn’t
even have time to catch it on film. Our results showed that we
clearly have trust in our small community of UNCSA.


  1. I think this video/lab shows how tight-knit we are here in our community. We know how important everyone's one card is, and we can be trusted to return them. Because everyone knows everyone, other things, like money or lost items, are more likely to be returned as well.
    Kim Idol :)

  2. I agree, I have already found two "one cards" and have turned them in as soon as possible!


  3. Yeah I feel like our community at UNCSA is very trusting, but it's not necessarily the same across the nation. -Catherine P

  4. it's good to be able to trust your community!-britt

  5. I think it's cool that they turned it in, I just wonder if they would have had it been something like money or something.

    -Christina B