Sunday, October 18, 2009

How much would you sell your right to vote?

Meredith and I polled ten people around the campus and asked them how much they would sell their right to vote. In other words, how much money would you like to be paid if it meant you could never vote again. We interviewed a diverse variety of people. We asked seven students, three adults, boys, girls, and people of different majors. Some people claimed that they would never sell their right to vote, stating their right is priceless. These people included two students, a lady working at the Pickle, and Gillan Murphy. People who were willing to sell their vote, gave a monetary amount ranging from 0 dollars to 50 million dollars.

The people who refuse to sell their right to vote and the people who put a very high price on their right represent the strength in our community. The community at UNCSA values the democracy our country obtains. The Pickle employee specifically proclaimed that people died in order to gain black rights and if US citizens ignore this right, then that is extremely disrespectful to those who fought.


  1. I thought it was pretty awesome how you got Gillian Murphy to pose for that picture... she doesn't look too happy with you though...

  2. I liked the background behind the lunch lady and how hard her family had to fight for the right to vote and that no one should give that up

  3. I really enjoyed this lab because you went out and asked people of different age ranges how much they would sell their vote for, which was a nice contrast to the students that were asked the question. Also Gillian Murphy. Wow. Music major, and still impressed.
    -Johannah Miller

  4. i loved the fact that you got gillian murphy and she had the same look she had in our project!!!:)